Homerun Battle 3D

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Homerun Battle 3D Review - The Thrilling Mobile Game with Special Animations

Homerun Battle 3D Review - The Thrilling Mobile Game with Special Animations

After being available for the iPhone, the Homerun Battle 3D has now been made available for Android platform. This game is actually one of the best Android games simply because it offers the real-time online head-to-head matchup with other baseball fans around the world. Thus, let’s have a look at the below gameplay overview, minimum system requirements, download link of this game.

By playing the Homerun Battle 3D, the gamers will be able to create a baseball player and then compete against others. They can also customize the player’s body (face, hair, and skin), appearance (jersey, pants, cleat shoes, glasses, eye patches) and also the baseball equipments (bats, gloves, helmets). While competing with other players, you will be also allowed to unlock new items and equipments. In order to do that, you will need to play the classic, arcade, training, and multiplayer game modes. The game has the really simple control feature. To aim the bat, you will just need to tilt the device and then tap anywhere on the screen to swing. But, the tricky thing is that you must create a good timing for your swing.

When playing the Arcade mode, you will be able to hit as many balls as you can within the limit of ten outs (misses or fouls). If you’re looking for the more challenging game, then you may want to try out the Classic mode. In this game mode, you will find the training option which can be used as the place to improve your own batting skills. The good thing is that the game has the online real-time matchup mode. You can compete with the other human players to create great homeruns and also to be the top scorer in the leader-boards. To play this mode, you will need to make sure that the device has the 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

The game is available in free and paid versions for the Android handset. Make sure that the device has been pre-installed with Android OS 1.6 (Donuts) or newer. The paid version includes more than 100 items (uniforms, hats, equipment and other customizable features), exclusive baseball wear and it supports English, Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean languages. For the iOS-based devices, the game can also be obtained in free and paid versions. The game requires at least iOS 3.0 or later and iit’s compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is actually a cross-platform game which means that the Android users can play against the Apple product users.

Taken as a whole, the Homerun Battle 3D provides the fun, addictive and challenging gameplay. The game has also been packed with the decent graphics and sounds. Other positive aspects of this game are the responsive control buttons, real-time online match-ups, online scoring and ranking along with the ability to customize the body and equipments right after gaining more achievements. On the other hand, you may experience that the game can get repetitive during the game playing. As a matter of fact, the Android version of this game will not allow the player to spend real money to purchase some exclusive uniform sets unlike the iPhone version. [IS]